The modern hotel with JUNG technology


More comfort for the guest and efficiency for the hotel owner

The electrical installation in up-to-date hotels must meet the highest demands on design, functionality, and ease of use. Here, JUNG offers concepts and impulses which sophisticated solutions enable you to provide more convenience for the guest while improving efficiency of the procedures.

With the compact solutions of the JUNG bus system, you enjoy functional variety in the smallest space: Switching and dimming of lighting, moving blinds and shutters, also both functionalities combined, with just the press of a button including centralised functionality. For the guest: Easy and convenient operation. For the hotel operator: May be upgraded at any time, future-proof, economical, and flexible. Suitable for new as well as for existing buildings.


 Customised solutions for Hospitals


Sophisticated solutions for hospital operations

Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, and similar facilities have of course very specific requirements on the electrical installation with respect to both functionality and hygiene. JUNG provides sophisticated and tailored solutions ranging from antibacterial special sockets to emergency and light systems.


Blinds and shutter

Greater security for the home, greater protection against the elements. The innovative solutions from JUNG offer customised convenience for controlling shutters and blinds. For instance, it is very easy to shade rooms from the sun at the push of a burton or to automate it with a programmed timetable. And if you combine controls for shutters and lighting, this becomes really worthwhile: with power savings of up to 61%.

Blinds timer switch. Security while on holiday. Use the Timer Universal to programme the shutter timetable to prevent houses and flats from looking empty while occupants are away

Blinds centre plate with brightness sensor. A powerful combination that functions precisely at the push of a button. The sensitive sensor technology ensures that sun shades are lowered in time and that they are raised again just as reliably when there is less exposure to the sun.Aautomatically, of course.


Radio Management


Versatility is taken seriously here. For instance, when it comes to positioning the receivers. Whether built-in, flush-mounted or installed in the distribution board, the receivers remain concealed in every instance thanks to their design. There is also a choice of transmitters. The practical wall transmitter can be installed exactly where needed without difficulty. The good thing about it: it adheres to virtually any surface. The hand-held transmitter provides total convenience. Using this remote control, for example, it is easy to open or close the blinds from the sofa - without having to get up to do so.


Create your comfortable room temperature: with the radio timer thermostat, you simply regulate the heating as required - energy-saving and automatic!

Automatic and flexible: The radio automatic switch for motion-dependent lighting control can simply be installed where you need it - e.g. for staircases.


Light Management

Whether it's a romantic evening for two, a party with friends, a forma business dinner or time alone with a good book: with modern Light Management from JUNG, the right atmosphere is achieved as if pro grammed. Very convenient, automatic and saving energy besides Just replace the light switches in the hall and stairs with an automatic switch. Sockets with an LED pilot light ensure you can see your way in the dark.

Rotary dimmers. A real mood enhancer, which dims lights in the living room less or more each time as required. This also economises on the light source and saves energy.

Rotary dimmers. A real mood enhancer, which dims lights in the living room less or more each time as required. This also economises on the light source and saves energy.


The JUNG Bus

Functional diversity in a minimum of space
From a private apartment up to large-scale commercial property, a modern end-to-end solution is available with the aid of which even complex functions can be implemented with very low outlay for installation. The JUNG Bus is equally versatile when it comes to retrofitting changes. Lighting, blinds and shutters can be controlled in this system via relay and dimming stations to suit individual requirements. Very good: several functions can be controlled simultaneously with just one sensor module.
JUNG_Sensor_module_FD_ES_6Sensor moduleJUNG_LS_Design_aluminium_4button Sensitive to a slight touch
The light switch becomes a design feature with this innovative component. The front panel can be fitted with a photo of the room, for instance, with symbols or just with plain text, as wished. Furthermore, the sensor module has proved to be very easy to use on account of its cleverly conceived design. The 16 sensor points on the surface can be grouped into up to eight active circuits. A slight touch is enough to trigger the required function and the shutters are opened or closed right away and lights switched on or off or dimmed.


Music & More

Simply practical: the JUNG design docking station for MP3 players, iPods and iPhones is flush-mounted in a wall box with little effort. The Music Centre and the matching loudspeaker module can be installed separately or in combination. The built-in bass reflex enclosures ensure excellent sound. The system also has line-out terminals for connecting to hi-fi and multi-room systems. A stereo line-in terminal is available for external music players as well as a battery recharge function with mini USB port. The Music Centre is controlled directly on the appliance or remotely via infrared.
The JUNG radiostereo-radio
Music, news or radio drama, quieter sounds or loud music. With the JUNG stereo radio, everything has a good sound. The superior bass reflex enclosures guarantee optimum acoustics, backed by a considerable loudspeaker dynamic range. The high-performance, built-in appliance is available in a wide variety of designs, to match the surroundings.


LED technology

No more problems stumbling around in the dark. Thanks to JUNG's LED technology, there is a guidance system that is still easy to read even if visibility is poor, that sets clear signals and can indicate safety hazards effectively. In addition, low energy consumption and a long service life guarantee operating efficiency.
The range is available in different designs and includes the following models: a fully backlit pilot light with blue and white LEDs, a traffic light function, the info sign with transparent labelled surfaces and the floor pilot light with downward light beam.
New in our range: LED reading light for recess mounting on walls. The device is controlled in two phases via a 2-gang switch; for maximum brightness all 12 LED's are in operations.