Design Ranges


LS 990


The classic among the flat switches

Thanks to its high quality and clear shape, the LS 990 switch range has already proved its worth for more than 40 years. The classic form of this switch with its narrow frame fits harmoniously into any surroundings. Purist elegance in thermosetting plastic or genuine metal lend this series a touch of class. A wide variety of applications are possible thanks to the wide functional spectrum. Thus, architecturally demanding visions can be consistently put into practice. The single to fivefold frames can be fitted horizontally or vertically.

LS990 in Ivory
LS990 in White
LS990 in Grey
LS990 in Black
LS990 in Aluminium
LS990 in Stainless Steel
LS990 in Anthracite
LS990 in Chrome
LS990 in Gold 24
LS990 in Gold Coloured
LS990 Classic in Brass
LS990 Antique in Brass
LS990 Dark in Brass

LS Design


Extremely versatile in terms of design and colour

The LS Design provides a high degree of flexibility and a broad functional spectrum. In terms of form the frames take on the flat FD look and also have a shadow gap. When mounted on the wall this gives an impression of floating and lightness. This means that it is always possible to select new combinations to suit the relevant ambience. This produces a harmonious look together with the wide variety of choices of colour and material.

LS Design in Ivory
LS Design in White
LS Design in Light Grey
LS Design in Black
LS Design in Aluminium
LS Design in Stainless Steel
LS Design in Anthracite
LS Design in Chrome
LS Design in Classic Brass
LS Design in Antique Brass
LS Design in Dark Brass

LS plus


Interaction between cool elegance and top-level quality

In a class of its own: LS plus. The high-quality elements are avalaible in selected colours and materials; the frames in high gloss chrome perfectly supplement the various versions in satined glass, white glass, black glass, aluminium and stainless steel. They meet the most stringent demands for aesthetics and can be fitted in perfectly into a special living scenario. The switches provided understated accents in all cases where a cool elegance is called for. Large-size rockers emphasize this effect.

LS plus in GL White
LS plus in GL Soft White
LS plus in Black White
LS plus in Aluminium
LS plus in Stainless Steel
LS plus in Chrome

Flat Design


The most elegant way to switch lights

The aesthetic flat FD Design makes it possible to install the frame almost flush with the wall for the first time ever. This produces a level and flat surface that does not look as if something has been added onto it. This effect can be accented individually by a variety of materials and colours. There is the matching alternative in the FD Design for any kind of ambience. A well thought out modular system provides a wide variety of options in technical application.

Flat Design in Ivory
Flat Design in White
Flat Design in Light Grey
Flat Design in Black
Flat Design in Aluminium
Flat Design in Anthracite
Flat Design in Stainless Steel
Flat Design in Classic Brass
Flat Design in Antique Brass
Flat Design in Classic Brass

SL 500


Elegant form, presented in an exclusive manner

Soft rounded lines and an exceptional combination of materials give the SL 500 range unique value. The acrylic glass body of the frame has at the back coloured metal in white, gold-bronze or silver. The controls are made out of especially treated metal in black, white and gold-bronze. This has created a unit that has an elegant effect for all its functionality. The harmonious lines of this range are underscored by a permanent levelling of the rockers.

SL500 in Gold White
SL500 in Gold Bronze
SL500 in Silver Black

CD 500


Harmony for any room

The CD 500 range harmoniously integrates into any living area through its design. This impression is reinforced by the angling in the rocker area. This makes the switch to a special sort of design accessory that can be chosen as required to match the interior decoration style. Six different colours and two shades of anodised aluminium thus offer a wide variety. They correspond to the current RAL colours for door and window fittings.

CD 500 in ivory
CD 500 in white
CD 500 in brown
CD 500 in grey
CD 500 in light-grey
CD 500 in black
CD 500 in gold-bronze
CD 500 in platinum

CD plus


Variations in switches just as you wish

The highly varied CD plus range of switches offers a great deal of space for a demanding colour design in a classical living ambience. With five frame sizes (1x to 5x) in three different colours plus two types of applications, each in thirteen colours, this makes possible a huge range of combinations that can be put together entirely to suit your own taste. This gives any room its very own switch colour concept.

CD plus in white/chrome
CD plus in white/gold
CD plus in white/granite
CD plus in white/light-blue
CD plus in white/light-green
CD plus in white/light-grey
CD plus in white/metallic-black
CD plus in white/metallic-blue
CD plus in white/metallic-green
CD plus in white/metallic-red
CD plus in white/mint-green
CD plus in white/stainless-steel
CD plus in white/yellow

AS 500


The standard when it comes to form and function

The AS 500 range forms a harmonious unit in terms of form and function. The lines run smoothly and harmoniously, and the angle in the rocker area creates a visual accent. All the frames and covers have uniform styling in the colours ivory and white. The
wide variety on this range allows it to be used in demanding electrical installations a

AS 500 in ivory
AS 500 in white
AS 500 in white
AS 500 in white

A creation


Setting new accents with a suitable format

A creation that sets new accents in any room. The series makes a convincing impression not only through its clear structure but also by a choice of exclusive materials: coloured glass frames in red, black, silver (mirror finish), blue-grey, matt white, champagne, mocha and white or high quality thermosetting plastic in white, aluminium, mocha, champagne and black, in each case in combination with the matching covers in black, white, aluminium, champagne and mocha. In this way the wide functional variety of A creation covers all the areas of modern electrical installation work.

A creation in Plastic white
A creation in Plastic aluminium
A creation in Plastic black
A creation in Plastic champagne
A creation in Plastic mocha
A creation in Glass white
A creation in Glass soft white
A creation in Glass blue-grey
A creation in Glass red
A creation in Glass black
A creation in Glass silver
A creation in Glass champagne
A creation in Glass mocha

A 500


A range with a clear profile

Making an entry in black, white, aluminium, champagne and mocha: The A 500 range of switches is part of a clear interior decorating style. Nothing breaks the linear shaping; the frames and covers form an enclosed and coherent unit. But the design makes an impression not only in visual terms. The technical options leaves no wishes open, because with its high degree of functional versatility the A 500 can also be used in technically demanding electrical installations.

A 500 in white
A 500 in black
A 500 in aluminium
A 500 in champagne
A 500 in mocha

A plus


How to provide variety in your home

A plus sets decorative accents in any room: A design series that perfectly matches the modern lifestyle. The palette of colours ranges from bright luminous colours to elegant and restrained. The frame in high gloss chrome can optionally be combined with black, white or aluminium. Whether vivid blue, elegant anthracite or cool aluminium – all these variants make a strong impression.

A plus in Aluminium White
A plus in Anthracite White
A plus in Chrome White
A plus in Blue White
A plus in Aluminium Aluminium
A plus in Anthracite Aluminium
A plus in Chrome Aluminium
A plus in Blue Aluminium

Multimedia terminals


Today multimedia components such as a Full HD screen, beamer and games console belong to just about every setup in a private household, office or hotel. There is the multimedia terminal system to connect all these components together harmoniously with the existing electrical installation. There are many options in the design frames of the A and LS series to specifically combine the various terminals.

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