Door communication


Solutions for door communication

Intercom systems for houses and apartment buildings

JUNG intercommunication systems enable easy and convenient door communication. Innovative features, intuitive operation, and a large variety of designs ensure that residents and visitors understand each other well already at the door! Whether detached house, housing estate, or commercial property: JUNG has the appropriate solution for each requirement.


Video indoor station

Using the intuitive touch screen, you may set your intercom system according to your individual needs. Whether opening the front door, hands-free operation, retrieving the image storage or voice memos, internal call, or digital zoom and movable image detail: Momentarily tap the touch screen to perform the required feature. The digital voice quality featuring active noise suppression completes the acoustic capabilities. The video indoor stations are of course available in the large variety of the JUNG design.


Video outdoor station

The video outdoor station offers security in stylish appearance. The digital camera that is flush-mounted in the enclosmetal enclosure protects the outdoor station against external impact.ure is not visible at first glance but has a unique detection angle of 130°. This allows you to identify what is next to the visitors in front of the door. Moreover, the 1.3 megapixel resolution provides sharp images. Similar to the indoor station, the digital voice quality including active noise suppression wins over. The rugged design of the stylish

Audio systems for indoor and outdoor applications

Intercom can be easy as that

Intercom systems make your call as easy as a phone call. And the large variety of the indoor stations in JUNG design as well as the genuine metal outdoor stations make the units become stylish home accessories!

Indoor stations

High-quality hands-free communication without backround noise, automatic opening of doors or by pressing a key, internal call, leaving voice memos and real-sound ringtones: These and other innovative features in a large variety of switch designs are offered by the convenient indoor stations.

Outdoor stations

High-quality genuine metal ensures that the outdoor stations are particularly resilient to external impact. They resist not only to wind, rain, and solar irradiation but also to vandalism. Of course the optimum voice quality leaves nothing to be desired!