Ingenuity has a future

100 years of innovative JUNG product history

     Electrician Albrecht Jung founded a factory to produce electrical components in 1912, when he was 40. The main focus was on the production of his patented invention: the pull switch with 1/8 rotation. This principle of a short actuating path has formed the basis for all switch constructions of the company up to the present day.

Since those first founding years the marker points of the road to success in business have been characterised by product developments that really stand out. As a result of market demand, JUNG quickly specialised in the manufacture of switches and sockets. As well as a high standard of quality, the design factor won more and more importance. Back in the 1960’s the company presented a push button switch that supplemented the then customary rocker and turn models and which became a classic of contemporary switch design. With the development of the first range with a maximum switch area of 70 x 70 mm, JUNG definitively set new standards in functionality, design and user convenience in 1969: A new generation of switches was born!

    Progress continued at blazing speed in the course of the next few years and decades. The requirements of modern building technology became ever tougher. To meet these demands, JUNG continuously extended its product portfolio and won over the market with its innovative developments. In the same way, today JUNG offers a large selection of devices and systems that impress with their modern technology, sophisticated design and exceptional range of functions. On the one hand, our portfolio includes switches, outlets, dimmers, and observers in all kinds of variations for all possible uses. On the other, it includes innovative systems for controlling features in your home. From lighting, blind, or temperature control to wireless and KNX technologies, door communication, and multimedia control, a comprehensive spectrum of applications is covered. In addition to comfort and security, the requirements regarding cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency are also met in all cases.

JUNG is optimistically looking to the future with the help of this innovative strategy and is moving on into the next 100 years of successful product history.